God even replaces body parts!

Join us as we testify and share what we have experienced during our latest ministry praying for people to be healed.

We share this awesome testimony where God just miraculously provided a new kneecap to the amazement of both patient and the doctors.

Glory to God!

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Praying for the elderly and others

Come and listen as we share some of the prayer ministry we had praying for elderly people and others in hospital.

We have been blessed to have brought the really-good-Gospel of healing to many of these patients.

Please feel free to share.

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What about a curse?

Sometimes while ministering to the sick we get questions.

Some are more obvious ...

Some are founded in confusion or disbelief or wrong believing or stupid tradition or funny doctrine ...

Some, however, comes from plain wrong teaching and is the mechanism the enemy uses to condemn people into believing that they can not be healed.

Come and listen as we share one such incident ...

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