13 year old girl healed of brain cancer

On 27 October 2009 two of us prayed for a young 13 year old girl diagnosed with brain stem cancer.

Her father inquired from the local church I attended at the time, about faith healing for his daughter.

A young lady, she was at the threshold of the start of her adult life. This is a time every young girl becomes intensely aware of who she is both physically and spiritually.

A new phase, as teenager, was unfolding in her life and she needed to cope with it ... without the burden of a death sentence that came from the enemy.

On 22 October 2009 one of the five ministers of our 14 000 membership strong local church approached our small prayer-group to hear from us whether we knew of anyone who does faith-healing in our congregation (sic). Imagine?

This gift was not regarded as normal Christian practice, much less for ministers within that particular church

The prayer-group was new and at the time we were all still new at praying for people, not to mention the laying on of hands and praying for the sick. I took the phone number of the father and replied that I would find out and contact him.

But God worked a miracle. The one person we were told that prayed for the sick was abroad at the time. I discussed the matter with a prayer-group confidant and he agreed that we should pray about the healing, inquire from the Lord when He would want us to pray and how we should go about praying for her. We were clueless!

I was on my way home from a work trip when the girl's father phoned, urging that we were welcome to come and pray any time soon. I replied that I would hear from my prayer-group friend and get back to him. I was nervous. As soon as I arrived back home the same day I spoke to my wife and went to pray to Abba. Although our church did not promote faith healing, we knew even back then, that God was able to heal, but we were just not sure whether He was willing ... and when. We were really clueless!

Abba gave me two scriptures as I was praying. Looking back now, I know that I interpreted them both wrong. However, on my question asking when we should pray for the little girl, the Holy Spirit did focus my eyes on the very first sentence of the second scripture I was given. Isa 30:18: "And therefore will the LORD wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him." I was reading the Afrikaans translation where the word "wait" was translated "gretig" ("eager" or "keen") (Just as well I didn't read from my KJV). From this I took it that we needed to respond straight away!

Did I mention that we were clueless?

I phoned my friend and told him what I got from the Lord. We rushed over to the little girl's house, first stopping at a distance again to pray and make sure.

We were met at the door by the father. As we sat down with the family the big wall clock in their living room struck 08:00 pm with eight load gongs. We shared a bit about scripture and started praying. In those days I normally experienced a visible manifestation of the Holy Spirit when we prayed. I was concerned about how the family would react to this even before we got out of the car. Yet, the Holy Spirit supernaturally intervened during prayer and even though I remember it being a powerful prayer, I experienced no physical or visible manifestation while we prayed.

As soon as we concluded our prayer for the little girl, the clock on the wall gonged a loud gong again indicating that it was 08:15 pm.

I can not remember the words of the prayers of that evening. Yet, I am convinced that we did everything contrary to the way I would today. But we were willing. God was indeed eager and the family received healing and healing did manifest.

Almost one year later on 8 June 2010 the girl's father phoned confirming that since we prayed she showed none of the symptoms she previously had. She was about to go for another check-up and he wanted us to remember her in our prayers again.

Six years passed.

Today, Wednesday, July 8, 2015, Abba Abba urged me to phone the father again. He was excited to hear from me since he had lost my mobile phone number. The little girl ... turns out to be a young lady and a second year student at varsity and doing well.

This is the report the father gave me:
She did go for the appointed chemo just after we prayed for her, but the family decided to stop treatment shortly afterwards since she did not show any symptoms anymore ... and she never had the symptoms again since the day we prayed. The only thing bothering her now, is an iron deficiency in her body.

She is described by her dad as a lovely, determined young woman and although she experiences loss of energy at times (because of the deficiency), she is doing extremely well!

My thoughts?
  1. Glory to Jesus who gave His Body for our healing on the cross so that we may receive abundantly of Him. Thus, He is ALWAYS able and willing and has done already - behold the finished work of the cross!
  2. Oh, and I declare, right now, that she is healed even from that deficiency and all other ailments the enemy tries to bring to her. 
  3. Amen!
For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Rom 11:29
Amen! And HalleuYAH!

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