David: resist and receive!

Visiting the sick in hospital is an awesome school of learning. 

Even when at first you see the healing manifest before your very eyes and then suddenly the next thing the very same person appears to be even worse off than before ... 

... but James says to submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Jas 4:7

If the devil will keep on afflicting ... we'll just keep on resisting!

Listen to our testimony of David's healing.

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Glory to Jesus Who overcame so that we may receive!

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  1. Partial acceptance.
    We tend to accept things from God even if they are only partly fulfilled. Sick people say things like “If it is God’s will to, He will heal me.” Or “By the grace of God, I will be better soon.”
    Why do we accept this, if God had promised us complete restoration.
    At the hospital outreach we pray for people for healing and we see many that are healed, yet the majority are not healed. When we see them again they are usually worse. The question that begs an answer is why if others are healed are these people not healed.
    The answer seems to be one of complete acceptance and faith. In Mark 10:46-52 we read about a blind man called Bartimaeus when Jesus walked past him he called to Jesus and Jesus said, come to Me. And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus and Jesus healed him saying “thy faith hath made thee whole.” What is interesting here is that he cast away his garment. That garment was a beggars cloak given to him by the priests at the Temple and represented his only source of life support. Bartimaeus had complete faith that he would be healed and accepted the healing even before it was manifested.
    We should have the same faith as Bartimaeus did and accept our miracle without any doubt that it could happen. But we say: “The Lord will heal me, if He wants to.” The point is He wants to, He longs to heal you. All He wants from you is to be positive and accept the healing and praise Him for it.
    Give yourself to God and be healed mind, body and sole. In the Name of Jesus Christ.