Quantum-Love-Factor by Dieter Bruijns

Received from Dieter Bruijns

Love, Love, Love

What is love?
  • ·         Is it something you can touch? Yes we could say that it is, because we want to demonstrate our love for a person, animal or object by touching him or her or it.

Little star healed by Jesus!


Listen as we share the awesome testimony of little Naledi who was healed of several sicknesses, including open heart surgery before she turned one. She is now growing up in a very normal way ... the way intended by God.

Glory to Jesus!

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Worship with your co-workers!

What happens when during a before-work meeting the need arises to worship?

A small group of us, multicultural, meet ever so often to share and minister one to another ... and we break out in song as the need arises. The singing is without instruments and from a spontaneous position as the Holy Spirit leads. Man-oh-man, are we blessed in His presence!
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