Quantum-Love-Factor by Dieter Bruijns

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Love, Love, Love

What is love?
  • ·         Is it something you can touch? Yes we could say that it is, because we want to demonstrate our love for a person, animal or object by touching him or her or it.

Little star healed by Jesus!


Listen as we share the awesome testimony of little Naledi who was healed of several sicknesses, including open heart surgery before she turned one. She is now growing up in a very normal way ... the way intended by God.

Glory to Jesus!

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Worship with your co-workers!

What happens when during a before-work meeting the need arises to worship?

A small group of us, multicultural, meet ever so often to share and minister one to another ... and we break out in song as the need arises. The singing is without instruments and from a spontaneous position as the Holy Spirit leads. Man-oh-man, are we blessed in His presence!
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Outreach encourages!


Fellowship with people in the presence of Jesus, the living Hope residing within, brings mutual encouragement, joy, peace, contentment, healing ...

Listen to our latest MP3:

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Mother prays daughter out of ICU

Dear fellow wwm member,

Join us to listen how this mother prayed her daughter out of hospital ICU.

She keeps resiting the enemy and proclaims the wellness of Jesus!

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UPDATE: Praying for doctors, people with Parkinson's and crushed pelvises ...

Last week we invited you to listen to our short testimony when we prayed for the sick in the hospital.

It was awesome!

But it gets even better ...

Please listen to our update on at least two cases.

Praying for doctors, people with Parkinson's and crushed pelvises ...

Image result for stick figure patientPlease take a few minutes and listen to our short testimony of ministering to people in hospital.

Glory to Jesus as we see patients just receiving healing and becoming restful in the arms of God!


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Witnessing amongst Korana communities

During the week I was on a research trip investigating the functionality of governance structures of the Khoi and San people looking at Koran branch-structures.

I had the opportunity to engage with the leaders of the top structure as well as two major community branches.

Research turned to fellowship and what a time we had!

Be sure to listen to this short testimony of what could be considered social witnessing. You are still welcome to pass it on as much as you'd like.

U r utterly blessed!

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David: resist and receive!

Visiting the sick in hospital is an awesome school of learning. 

Even when at first you see the healing manifest before your very eyes and then suddenly the next thing the very same person appears to be even worse off than before ... 

... but James says to submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Jas 4:7

If the devil will keep on afflicting ... we'll just keep on resisting!

Listen to our testimony of David's healing.

Ernst Schutte: record number of hits

The wonderful healing testimony of Rene Schutte, the loving wife of Ernst Schutte, attracted over 200 hits in the first 3 days from all over the world. Praise Jesus!

If you missed it, you can check it out again here.

Shaken religion!

Related image
Young and OLD shake the bondage of religion these days. 

Praise Jesus for this!
He said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Joh 14:16).
... and it is the knowledge (ginosko - intimacy) of (with) the Truth that sets us free! (Joh 8:32)


The colleague got out of the contract!

God cancelled an unfair contract from a service provider?



When did He intervene?

Listen to our audio testimony to find out more about this ...

God of Wonders - by Gert Dreyer

Received from Gert Dreyer on 21 July 2015
Ons dien ‘n YHWH van wonders (please click on the translate button if necessary)

Ek moet eintlik my kop laat sak omdat ek nou eers hieroor praat maar daar het die afgelope jare soveel wonders en ook struikelinge in ons lewe plaasgevind dat my verstand by tye glad net nie meer wil registreer nie.  Kom ek begin by die begin dan sal u verstaan:

The testimony about Ernst Schutte - by Rene Schutte

Received from Rene Schutte on 15 July 2015

On May 26th 2014 our husband and father suffered a brain bleed and was rushed to hospital. 

After 1 week in hospital he was scheduled for an arteriogram where they would inspect the arteries in his brain and from there decide what to do. At the time he was still very confused but suffered only short term memory loss and loss of his peripheral vision of the left eye.
During the arteriogram the doctors noticed the poor condition of his arteries and decided to do an operation where they would fix his arteries with coils and glue.This was a very delicate operation as it is done through your groin and takes a lot of concentration and patience. The doctors struggled for hours to find a path to the arteries in his brain as they described the arteries to be knotted, like a birds` nest. We had been praying for him since the bleed first occured and at this point we had our whole family praying and trusting God to make a path where there is none. 

After 8 long hours the surgery was complete and the doctors said that it had been extremely difficult but successful.

Healed of ALL sickness!

So, Jesus gives us more, much more than what we ask or pray for!

Please take a few moments and listen to this testimony of a young man healed of several sicknesses.

The Intern's provision

Quite often when visiting patients in the hospital I would encourage them to “speak to their mountain!” Mat 17:20 & Mat 21:21. I would say to them that they need not wait for someone to pray for them, but that they, themselves, should take authority over their situations and command healing into their bodies.

The same is true for each and every good and perfect gift that comes from above, from our Abba of love ...

13 year old girl healed of brain cancer

On 27 October 2009 two of us prayed for a young 13 year old girl diagnosed with brain stem cancer.

Her father inquired from the local church I attended at the time, about faith healing for his daughter.

A young lady, she was at the threshold of the start of her adult life. This is a time every young girl becomes intensely aware of who she is both physically and spiritually.

A new phase, as teenager, was unfolding in her life and she needed to cope with it ... without the burden of a death sentence that came from the enemy.

Daniel דּנאל Testimony: Where we started ...

Where we come from

My personal adventure with regards to healing and hospital outreach ministry is an interesting and winding road of which I am very appreciative and thankful.

In 2009 a group of us established a evangelical outreach ministry. This was, at the time, the result of a need felt for sharing the Gospel and for leading people to Jesus.